FIWG-L’s Youth Beneficiary changes his life through biking

  • Posted on: 23 August 2017
  • By: admin

Having lost his father in early 2014 from the EBOLA Virus, Emmanuel aged 20 years from West Point,  could not complete his secondary education because his mother could not afford school fees. His father and mother had 3 three children but after his father passed on, his mother got married elsewhere and had more (3) children making them 7. Unfortunately his step father also passed on which worsened their livelihood situation as their mother could not support all of them single handily in terms of basic needs such a food, education, clothing and medical care. He had no option but to take on the most common casual job for youth in Monrovia which is commercial bike riding.. To make matters worse for him, he had impregnated a young girl in the city so he had to take responsibility for his actions as well.

"I worked for the bossmen but after all the hard work and making money for him, you are given only LD$200  per day which was also dependent on the report for the day. This was not sufficient to support me and my family plus helping out my mother and my other siblings" Emmanual recalls.

When he heard about FIWG-L’s Peer Education Training and Outreach Program, he decided to take part in cohort 2 of the program alongside his casual job. During the program, they were taken through the modules which were so helpful according to him. "I learnt how to differentiate and balance between needs and wants and this actually helped me a lot to save some money" he recalls.

After participating in learning, just like others of the same cohort, he received US$250 as a startup capital which he topped up by approximately US$300 and bought himself a new motorbike and other things needed to support his home.  He then started riding his own motorbike and later employed a friend while he moved on to another one.