RWHEEP Program

In an effort to empower every girl, FIWG-L’s Rural Women's Health and Economic Empowerment Program (RWHEEP) works closely with young women in rural communities. Women farmers are trained as leaders and entrepreneurs under our agribusiness skills training program. The WOHEEP aims to enhance the health and economic empowerment of young women ages 15 to 35 years, so they can become economically self-sufficient and build their confidence. In Liberia, with 4.74% youth unemployment and 63% of its population being under 35, there is a huge need to provide employment and vocational training for young and under-served women. RWHEEP enables disadvantaged young women to develop their business ideas, learn new vocational skills, and join a community of supportive women. The program is multi-faceted and includes: Agribusiness, Business Training and Mentorship, and Women's Savings Group.

Business Trainings and Mentorship

FIWG-L offers young female entrepreneurs, mostly single mothers with comprehensive business trainings, customized individual mentorship, and relationship-building/networking opportunities. They also receive critical sexual and reproductive health information and gender awareness trainings. FIWG-L offers young female entrepreneurs the knowledge; skills and resources they need to develop and maintain sustainable businesses in the community. Participants work in diverse occupations from hair dressing to agriculture and selling pastries.

Women's Health and Savings Groups

FIWG-L facilitates health club and group-based savings schemes for young female entrepreneurs to enable asset acquisition, business growth and health promotion. It serves as a low-cost, efficient project that teaches the value of saving and business planning, supports women's financial independence from men, and increases investment capital for young female entrepreneurs.  FIWG-L will open a savings bank account for the funds collected by the members since many of the women might lack the proper identification to do so on their own. FIWG-L also prints out a savings book to track the deposits. On a monthly basis, women meet to discuss health and wellness as well as information on business development and entrepreneurships.